CN - Create and View Service Requests / Tickets

The Community Network and Service Desk use a ticketing system called TeamDynamix. This systems allows users to submit a request to the Service desk so that we can quickly respond to and keep track of issues that you may be experiencing. 

Create a New Request

Please see the CN Request forms for commonly requested items.

For general support, use the general support form.

Once you are finished with the form, click "Request" at the bottom and your ticket will appear in our request queue. From there, we will start work on your ticket as soon as we can. 

Update or Review a Request

Once a ticket as been created, you can log in with your ONID account to review the status of that request here:

On this page, you will be able to see all of your requests and their status, as well as being able to add comments to the ticket and give us an update if anything related to your issue has. 

If you would like more direct support, please give the Service Desk a call at 541-737-8787. 


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