Services (18)

CX - Make Changes to Distribution List

Form to request changes to an Exchange Distribution List for a CX-supported department.

New Employee Account and First.Last Alias Setup

Form to request account setup for a new employee in a Community Network or Cosine-supported department.

CN - New Resource (Shared Mailbox, Calendar, Room Calendar, Distribution List)

Form to request setup of a new general mailbox, shared calendar, room calendar, or distribution list.

CN/Cosine - Remove or Close an Account

Form to request account removal or closure for an outgoing employee, student employee or associate in a Customer Experience-supported department.

CN - Add or Remove LRP Status

Form to request changes to an LRP for a Community Network-supported department.

CN - Account Migration

Form to request moving a user account to or from a Community Network-supported department.

CN/Cosine - New Sponsored Account

Form to request an account that is sponsored by a department.

CN - Grant Access to an Existing Resource

Form to request granting a user access to a Community Network-supported resource, such as a shared mailbox or department share.

CN - Create New "Restricted" Folder

Form to request creation of a new restricted share for your department.

CN - Printer Recommendation

Form to request a recommendation for a new printer.

CN - Request computer / technology equipment purchase

Form to request computer / technology equipment purchase

CX - Surplus Computer Pick-up

Form to request pick-up of computer hardware for surplus.

CN - Schedule Office Move

Form to request moving computer equipment for a department.

Request an ONID User name change

Form to request an ONID username change.

Microsoft Teams - Request a Team

Form to request a Team in Microsoft Teams.

Enroll in the OSU IT Outages Alert notification system

Form to enroll in the OSU IT Outages Alert notification system.

Qualtrics - Transfer Survey Ownership

Form to request transfer of Qualtrics survey ownership to a new owner.

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