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Request a move of your phone / voice service.

Add or change cable TV service.

Enterprise Web Services provides support for a number of digital services at OSU. Use this form to get support, offer feedback or report a bug. If you are dealing with an urgent issue that requires immediate attention, please call 541-737-1189.

Form to request a Team in Microsoft Teams.

Bridge is Oregon State University’s home for student, staff and volunteer training.

Sharing and collaboration

Report a phishing attempt

Request programming changes to your phone / voice service.

Submit information to update our records if a subscriber's name has changed.

Submit a request to disconnect voice / phone service.

Submit a request for a new phone / voice activation.

Request changes to your OSU Telecom billing configuration.

Use this form to contact Network Operations with details of Wireless requests.

Slate is a part of the Enrollment Management suite of tools used for tracking admissions to Oregon State University from initial application to post-admit activities.

Access and networking

Request a license for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Request telecom support for a remodel.

Form to enroll in the OSU IT Outages Alert notification system.

Form to request transfer of Qualtrics survey ownership to a new owner.

Form to request an ONID username change.