Popular Services

Request a license for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Forwarding and printing

Beaver Hub features an array of functionality tailored to the needs of Oregon State University. For students, Beaver Hub is your student dashboard for tools and resources that support your OSU experience. For Student Support professionals, Beaver Hub helps with managing interactions, appointments and more.

Use this form to request an ONID account for a person who is not eligible for ONID as a student, employee or associate. A current OSU employee should submit this form.

Form to request granting a user access to a Community Network-supported resource, such as a shared mailbox or department share.

Form to request setup of a new general mailbox, shared calendar, room calendar, or distribution list.

Download and purchase software.

Form to request changes to an Exchange Distribution List for a CX-supported department.

Digital Experience provides support for a number of digital services at OSU. Use this form to get support, offer feedback or report a bug. If you are dealing with an urgent issue that requires immediate attention, please call 541-737-1189.


Access and networking

Submit a request for a new phone / voice activation.

A local administrator (LA) is someone that is granted elevated access or permissions for a particular system or information resource.

Request any other telecom requests.

Request changes to telecom long distance authorization codes.

Courses and planning

Use this form to request permissions setup for a new employee or student employee in your department. You can also use this form to request a first.last@oregonstate.edu email alias for an employee.

Form to request pick-up of computer hardware for surplus.

Utilize this form to request the migration of your Drupal 7 site to Drupal 9. You have two options: start fresh with a new Drupal 9 site or have the Digital Experience team perform a partial migration of existing content from your Drupal 7 site.

Canvas learning platform

OSU Single sign-on service

Form to request an ONID username change.

Request a loaner laptop or desktop computer.


Collaboration and storage