CN - Error Accessing File on Network Drive, "The file name is too long"


  • When accessing a file on a network share, I receive the error "The file name is too long" or "There was an error while opening this document. The path does not exist."


  • Oregon State University
  • Network Share Drive


The path to a file is included in the length of the file name. If the path to your file is very long, you may not be able to open the file.


Map a Network Drive Letter

If you do not already have a drive letter mapped to your network share drive location, you can add a drive letter mapping manually. This will shorten the path to the file name.

You can also map another drive letter further into the folder path. For example, if your S: drive is mapped to \\\departments\Deptname, you can also map your X: drive to \\\departments\Deptname\Foldername\Foldername\etc...

For steps to map a network drive, see: Access Network Drives


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Wed 5/11/22 6:52 AM