CN - Windows 7 Computer Replacement


  • All OSU computers running Windows 7 must be replaced or upgraded to the current release of Windows 10 before Microsoft ends support in January 2020 or as soon as possible after that date.
  • Community Network customer departments with computers that need to be replaced were first contacted in October 2018.


  • Oregon State University
  • Community Network-supported departments

Question & Answer

Why must we replace these computers?

Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 7 after support ends in January 2020.  At that point the University’s Baseline Standards of Care prohibit us from allowing Windows 7 computers to connect to the network.  Computers that cannot run Windows 10 must be replaced or disconnected from the network.  

OSU Baseline Standards of Care (Link to Office of Information Security)

Why must they be replaced by November 2019? 

Community Network has identified over 500 Windows 7 computers that need to be replaced and nearly 1,100 that need to be upgraded.  We have set the November 2019 cut off date to ensure that we complete all replacements and upgrades well in advance of Microsoft’s deadline.

What about computers that just need an upgrade? 

We will send a separate email with a list of departmental computers to be upgraded.  We’re currently developing a process that should allow us to upgrade most computers in-place.  Once we’ve completed our testing we’ll share that list of computers and start scheduling Windows 10 upgrades.

What about computer rebuilds? 

Effective immediately, all computers sent to Community Network (CN) for a rebuild will be evaluated for Windows 10 compatibility.  Computers that can be upgraded will be rebuilt and returned to you with Windows 10 installed.

What if we can’t afford to replace all of our computers this fiscal year? 

We realize that this issue may present a financial burden to some units, which is why we’re notifying you now, so you can spread your purchases across two fiscal years.  We also recommend that you contact us to discuss moving toward an ongoing 3-5 year replacement cycle.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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