CN - Setup a CN Account for a New Employee


  • What is a CN account?
  • Who is eligible for a CN account?
  • Is there a fee for a CN account?
  • How do I request a CN account?


  • Oregon State University
  • Employee, Student Employee


Account Types and Fees

A Community Network (CN) account can be one of the following:

  • An OSU/ONID account with an Exchange mailbox attached that is supported by Community Network
  • An account in the CN domain created upon request by a CN-supported department
  • Less common: a "delegated" account in the ONID domain

Departments that are under contract for CN support may request a CN account for any person or resource they choose; there is no per-account fee.

CN fees are department-based and depend on the number of staff and faculty at and above 0.3 FTE, plus associates. Student workers and graduate students are not counted. There is no fee for resource accounts.

For more details about what the CN service includes, see:

Exchange Email

Exchange mailboxes are created for employees by default. Exchange mailboxes are optional but encouraged for graduate students. For undergraduate student employees needing Exchange, we will create a separate "student employee" account.

Exchange mailboxes can also be created for interns, volunteers, temporary workers, etc., as well as for department shared resources.


To request a CN account, use one of the following forms:

Other forms for new employees:


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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