CN - Windows File Sharing


  • How do I share a file via Windows on a local Network?
  • How do I locally share a file?
  • How do I allow other people to access a file on my computer like a network folder?


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  • Windows 10


Some programs and/or printers require Network Folders to save data that can be accessible via the network.   

In some cases where Internet connectivity is intermittent or internet speeds are slow, sharing a folder from a workstation may be preferred.

Note: It is generally preferable to share files via network file servers (such as CN-Share) or via Box; files stored on the network or in the cloud are easier to access from multiple computers and are protected by backups. 


(Part 1) Turning on Network Sharing for Windows

1. Press the Windows key and type into the Window search:"Manage advaned sharing settings"

2. Make sure network discovery is turned on. 

4. Under "All Networks," click the bubble next to "Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the Public folders" 



(Part 2) Sharing The Folder to The [Local] Network

1. Find the folder in File Explorer 

2. Right click on the file and go to properties. 

3. Then under the Sharing table, click on "Advance Sharing..." and check the box labled "Share this folder"

4. Then Click on the Permissions button and check off the "Full Control" box for Everyone.



5. Then to check it works go to File Explorer and type "\\'ComputerName'\'FolderName' and create a text file for testing



Important Note: 

Initially enabling Folder Network Sharing will share their user profile on the network. Make sure to un-share the "Users" folder in the network file location you have just create  (\\'ComputerName').



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