Google Takeout - Transfer OSU Google Account Content to Non-OSU Google Account

Caution: Starting November 1, 2022, all new ONID accounts - including students - will be created with Exchange email and not Gmail.


  • How do I transfer my OSU emails from my OSU Google account to another Google account?
  • How do I transfer my OSU Google Drive files that I own to another Google account?
  • How do I save my OSU emails and Google Drive files before I leave OSU?


  • Oregon State University
  • Student, Employee
  • OSU Google Account
  • Gmail
  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge 


Oregon State University ONID accounts are removed after a student or employee leaves the university.  Please see this article for more information: ONID - Account Eligibility and Duration 


To save your OSU Google account info before your account is closed, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Private Browsing window in either Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
    • Opening a new Private Browsing window will prompt the OSU login process.  This will allow you to double check that you are logging into your OSU Google account.
  2. Browse to
  3. Login with your OSU email of "". The ONID login portal and Duo authentication steps will need to be completed.
  4. After you have logged in, enter the destination email address that you would like to receive the content from your OSU Google account. 
  5. Login to the destination email address to find the confirmation code. 
  6. Enter the received confirmation code on the transfer page. 
  7. After successfully verifying your account, you will be able to select the data that you would like to be copied and transferred from your OSU Google Account. This includes your emails and the files you own in your OSU Google Drive. 
  8. After clicking Start Transfer, you should receive a confirmation message saying your transfer is in progress. A confirmation email will also be sent to your OSU email account.



For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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