ONID - Account Eligibility and Duration


  • Who can get an ONID account?
  • How long can I keep an ONID account?


  • Oregon State University



  • All admitted students are eligible from the time they are admitted until their admitted term.
  • All students that are eligible to register for classes.
  • All employees of the University, including students and graduate assistants, are eligible from the beginning of their employment through their last day of work.
  • All emeriti, adjunct, or courtesy faculty are eligible for the duration of their appointment.
  • All Central Oregon Community College (COCC) students that are dual-enrolled at OSU or OSU-Cascades are eligible as soon as they are admitted. All other COCC students are only eligible if they register for an OSU course.
  • All official OSU Associates are eligible for the duration of their official association with the University. For further information about the OSU Associates program, please visit the ID Center website.
  • Affiliates (spouse, domestic partner or dependent of current student or employee) are not eligible for an ONID account unless they have some other relationship with the university.

If you need to sign up for your ONID account, go here: ONID Sign-Up Instructions


  • Graduating students: ONID accounts remain active for one year after graduation.  They are then deactivated for one term, after which they are deleted.
  • Non-graduating students: Accounts are deactivated one term after the student was last eligible to register, and deleted one term after that.
  • Employees: Accounts are generally deactivated the term after the employee's termination, and deleted one term after that. 

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

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