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  • All admitted students are eligible from the time they are admitted until their admitted term.
  • All students that are eligible to register for classes.
  • All employees of the University, including students and graduate assistants, are eligible from the beginning of their employment through their last day of work.
  • All emeriti and courtesy faculty are eligible for the duration of their appointment.
  • All Central Oregon Community College (COCC) students that are dual-enrolled at OSU or OSU-Cascades are eligible as soon as they are admitted. All other COCC students are only eligible if they register for an OSU course.
  • All official OSU Associates are eligible for the duration of their official association with the University. For further information about the OSU Associates program, please visit the ID Center website.
  • Affiliates (spouse, domestic partner, or dependent of current student or employee) and Affiliate Faculty are not eligible for an ONID account unless they have some other relationship with the university.

If you need to activate your ONID account, go here: ONID Activation Instructions


  • Graduating students: ONID accounts remain active for one year after graduation.  They are then deactivated for one term, after which they are deleted.
  • Non-graduating students: Accounts are deactivated one term after the student was last eligible to register, and deleted one term after that.
  • Employees: Accounts are generally deactivated the term after the employee's termination, and deleted one term after that. 

Temporary Re-activation


Former employees cannot access their accounts after deactivation, however they may request particular files/emails. Such a request is reviewed by the Office of Information Security, and if granted, the data, and NOT system access, is given directly to the former employee.


In some cases, we may be able to provide a one-time short term (no more than 2 weeks) temporary re-activation of a student's deactivated ONID account to allow data recovery.

Note - Reactivating the ONID account does not restore access to Box or Office365, though in exceptional circumstances, temporary access may be granted to these services.

Account Deletion

Warning: ONID accounts cannot be re-activated once the account has been deleted.

Account deactivated - Registering for classes

Note: If you are trying to register for classes again after your account was deactivated, please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrars@oregonstate.edu (541)737-4331 so that they can renew your student status. Temporary ONID reactivation won't allow you to register for classes.


contact the Service Desk.

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