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Pinned Article ONID - How to Change Your Password

The process for changing your ONID password if it is known, unknown, or expired.

ONID - Password Reset Issues

A troubleshooting guide for helping customers change their ONID password.

ONID - Access Home Folder with SSH (Putty, Terminal)

How to connect via SSH to the ONID shell server.

ONID - Home Folder

Information about the 2GB ONID Drive that comes with your ONID account.

ONID - How to Request a Username Change

Information about requesting an ONID username change.

ONID - I changed my ONID password, what devices do I need to update after that change?

This article lists and links to the various places to update your ONID password after you change it. Those items include e-mail programs, OSU_Secure, Eduroam wireless connections, etc.

ONID - Login Help

General troubleshooting for login problems with ONID accounts.

ONID - Login to Shell Server with Duo

How to use Duo two-step login with Linux/Unix shell servers.

ONID - Recover Forgotten Username

How to find a forgotten ONID username

ONID - Update Your Account Recovery Info

Alternate contact information is used to recover your ONID account when you lose or forget your password.

Windows - Synchronizing Local Certificates After ONID Password Reset

Sign in to the computer using the old ONID password, connect to an OSU network or VPN using the new password. CTRL-ALT-DEL -> Lock then sign in with the new password.