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Pinned Article ONID - How to Change Your Password

The process for changing your ONID password if it is known, unknown, or expired.

ONID - Password Reset Issues

A troubleshooting guide for helping customers change their ONID password.

ONID - Access Home Folder with SSH (Putty, Terminal)

How to connect via SSH to the ONID shell server.

ONID - Home Folder

Information about the 2GB ONID Drive that comes with your ONID account.

ONID - How to Request a Username Change

Information about requesting an ONID username change.

ONID - I changed my ONID password, what devices do I need to update after that change?

This article lists and links to the various places to update your ONID password after you change it. Those items include e-mail programs, OSU_Secure, Eduroam wireless connections, etc.

ONID - Login to Shell Server with Duo

How to use Duo two-step login with Linux/Unix shell servers.

ONID - Personal Website Instructions

Instructions for creating a personal webpage with an ONID account.

ONID - Protect Personal Web Pages with HTAccess

These instructions help to protect your ONID drive web pages by applying a password of your choice.

ONID - Recover Forgotten Username

How to find a forgotten ONID username

ONID - Update Your Alternate Contact Info

Alternate contact information is used to recover your ONID account when you lose or forget your password.

ONID Login Help

General troubleshooting for login problems with ONID accounts.