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  • How do I request a change of my ONID username?


ONID usernames are formed by using up to seven characters of the last name, one or more characters of the first name, and a number, if needed, to form a unique username. No other format is available.

ONID username changes may be requested for the following reasons:

  • Legal Name change due to marriage, divorce, etc.  Legal name change must be processed by HR or the Registrar prior to the change in ONID.  
  • Some specific circumstances that are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  This includes cases of inappropriate usernames.

Please note:

  • If your legal name or name-in-use at OSU changes, you are not required to change your username.
  • If you change your legal name or name-in-use at OSU, your username will not automatically be changed; if you want to change it, you will need to put in a request (see below).
  • If you are an employee and want to change your first.last@oregonstate.edu email address, you should contact your local IT support organization. The username change process does not change first.last@oregonstate.edu email addresses.
  • If you are a student or employee and change your username, your username@oregonstate.edu email address will also change.
  • Changing a username can impact your ability to login to other systems or access data; see below for possible consequences before requesting a username change.




Please do both of these steps, in this order:

  1. For name changes, use the Biographical Changes Form on the Office of the Registrar's site to update your legal name or name-in-use in OSU's systems.
  2. After your name has been changed, submit a ticket to the Service Desk using the Request an ONID User name change form to initiate an ONID username change.


Please do both of these steps, in this order:

  1. For name changes, complete the Name Change form on the HR website.
    1. Check the Requested Action
    2. Fill out the first line, Your new name as it should appear in the OSU directory, and your OSU ID number
    3. Print and sign the form
    4. Send it your HR representative(s) in your business center.  If you do not know who to contact in your business center, use the Find My Business Center page to find the correct contact information 
  2. After your name has been changed, submit a ticket to the Service Desk using the Request an ONID User name change form to initiate an ONID username change.


Possible Consequences:

  • Your ONID email address will change.  Email sent to your old ONID email address will be still be delivered to your mailbox, but you should provide your contacts with your new email address. When you send ONID email, your new email address will appear in the FROM field.
  • ONID services. ONID File Services can be changed while preserving your access. Any shell scripts that contain your username or home directory path will need to be updated.
  • Access to some services will be temporarily disrupted while waiting for the username to be updated across all systems. These services include, but are not limited to, Canvas, EmpCenter, and Office365.  While Canvas and Office365 will update within a few hours, some of these services will not update to include your new username until the overnight hours.
  • BennyBuy: tasks you previously started in BennyBuy will not be accessible after the username change. It is recommended you complete in-progress tasks in BennyBuy before changing username.
  • OnBase: Similar to BennyBuy, OnBase does not support username changes. If you use OnBase, you should consult with the person in your department that grants OnBase access before pursuing a username change.
  • Docusign: If you changed your name, you will need to update your name and signature in Docusign.
  • Mobile devices and computers may need to be reconfigured to access email and to update file sync tools such as Box Drive/Sync, Google Drive sync, or OneDrive sync.
  • Office365:
    • Documents you have shared via links from Office365 may be broken because they contain your username in the sharing URL.  You will need to re-share those documents.
    • Syncing OneNote notebooks created with previous ONID username may encounters errors.
    • If you have Microsoft 365 Apps installed, you may need to sign out and sign back in with your new username@oregonstate.edu
  • Transaction/activity-tracking histories tied to your former username in applications may not transfer to your new username.
  • Access to other applications may not transfer automatically, and you will need to request access for your new username from the application support organization.  This includes Drupal access. The Service Desk can facilitate these changes if you are not sure who to contact.
  • Non-OSU web sites: if you have used your ONID Google account to login to non-OSU web sites, you may lose access to those web sites (your access may be based on your email address).  OSU cannot assist in resolving access issues for services not directly affiliated with OSU.
  • InterLibrary Loan: Previous ONID username ILL accounts are no longer accessible after a username change.  You will need to create a new InterLibrary Loan (ILL) account. After your username change, contact the Library to merge your old and new ILL accounts.
  • Student Clubs site: After the username change, you may need to have your username updated in IdeaLogic for access to the Student Clubs site.
  • CORE: After a name change, the previous name will still be listed in CORE. This is a known issue that will be resolved in the future. Steps to update your name in CORE can be found at https://oregonstate.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1935/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=153744.
  • Unforeseen or less common consequences may occur.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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