OSU Login Errors


Your login failed at the service you tried to access.


There are multiple reasons that you may receive a login error.

Identification failed

The service that you tried to access did not receive all required attributes for identification and/or personalization.

This may be because your account is missing those attributes or that OSU is not configured to release those attributes to the service you tried to access.

Authentication error

The service you tried to access failed during the authentication stage.

This may be because it requires multifactor authentication, such as Duo.  Please try again.  

Insufficient privileges

The service that you tried to access requires a level of access privileges/permissions that your account does not hold.

Other error

An error occurred when accessing the service.


Please contact the Service Desk and include the name of the service you tried to access, any error information given by the service, and, if possible, a screenshot of the error message at the service including the address bar at the top of the web browser.


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Mon 5/24/21 1:47 PM
Tue 7/13/21 2:11 PM