ONID - Extend or Resume Account Access

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  • I am petitioning to return as a student and need to maintain access to my ONID account
  • I received a deactivation notice for my ONID account but don't believe I should be deactivated


  • Student or Employee
  • ONID account


ONID accounts are only available to students who are currently eligible to register, recent graduates, employees of OSU, and employees of specific associated organizations.

When your account no longer meets one of the above requirements, you will receive a deactivation notice.



If you feel that your student status is incorrect, please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrars@oregonstate.edu (541)737-4331. If your student status is updated prior to your deactivation date, your account will be removed from the deactivation list.

If your situation is unusual or you are having difficulty, contact the Service Desk to explain the situation. The Service Desk will escalate the request to Identity & Access Management, who will coordinate with the Registrar's office. The request to maintain an ONID account while not enrolled as a student will need to be approved by the Registrar.

Graduated students may also request temporary reactivation of their account in order to save a copy of emails and files; for more information, see: ONID Account - Save Your Data Before Leaving OSU

Please note that even if your ONID account is active, you may be ineligible for services that require current enrollment such as Microsoft 365 Apps licensing and Box.


Contact your Business Center HR to verify your employment records.


Contact your associated department and ask to be re-verified for ONID.




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