ONID - I Didn't Receive an ONID Password Reset PIN

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  • I don't know my ONID account password.
  • I didn't receive an ONID password reset PIN.


  • Oregon State University
  • ONID
  • Student, Employee 


You are trying to change your ONID account password, and you have either not received a PIN.

Possible causes include:

  1. Incorrect or outdated account recovery e-mail
  2. Incorrect or outdated account recovery phone number


Resend the Password Reset Pin

  1. Go to https://onid.oregonstate.edu/
  2. Click "Recover my account"
  3. Enter your information and click "Submit"
  4. When presented with the send/verify PIN process
    1. Confirm your account recovery email, and/or account recovery phone numbers are accurate with the abbreviated information on the page.
    2. The pin will be automatically sent to the email and cell phone 
  5. If needed, you can click "Send password reset pin" again.

Incorrect Account Recovery information

  1. If you don't know your ONID password, and did NOT receive a ONID password reset pin, your account recovery info may be missing or outdated.
    1. Students - If you know your OSU ID, have access to photo ID, and can have a video call, contact the Service Desk to get a PIN.  If not, you can contact the OSU Registrars office to get a PIN .
    2. Employees, Associates and Emeritus - Contact the Service Desk to get a PIN.
  2. Set a new ONID password.
  3. Add or update your ONID account recovery information. A KB article about that can be found here: https://oregonstate.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=69409



For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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