Turnitin: Use Turnitin Draft Coach similarity and grammar checking in Microsoft Word Online or Google Docs


  • What is Turnitin Draft Coach?
  • How do I use the Turnitin Draft Coach?
  • Are there similarity, citation, or grammar tools available?


  • Oregon State University
  • Microsoft 365 Word Online or Google Docs
  • OSU students, faculty, and staff


Turnitin's Draft Coachâ„¢ tool is available through OSU Microsoft 365 Word Online and through OSU Google. OSU students, faculty and staff can use it to check their writing for similarity against online sources before submitting their assignment. Learn more about Draft Coach.


OSU Microsoft 365 Word Online

  1. Sign into your OSU Microsoft 365 account.
  2. Open your Word document in Word Online.
  3. Click on the Turnitin tab in the top ribbon, then click Draft Coach in the Turnitin toolbar.
    Turnitin Draft Coach in Word Online
  4. The Turnitin Draft Coach panel will appear on the right. Click Get Feedback Now. If this is the first time using the tool:
    • You may be prompted to allow permissions for the Turnitin app. If so, click Next then Accept.
    • You will also be asked to agree to the Draft Coach terms and conditions. Check the box to agree then click Continue to Draft Coach.
      DraftCoach Terms and Conditions
  5. Turnitin Draft Coach is ready to use. Select features within the Turnitin Draft Coach panel.
    Draft Coach Functionality in Word

OSU Google Docs

  1. Sign into your OSU Google account.
  2. Open your Google Doc.
  3. Click Extensions in the Google toolbar
  4. Select Turnitin Draft Coach from the Extension menu.
  5. Click on Turnitin Draft Coach when it appears next to the Extension menu.
  6. Turnitin Draft Coach's panel will display on the right. Click Get Feedback Now.
  7. Turnitin Draft Coach is ready to use. Select features within the Turnitin Draft Coach panel.

Turnitin Draft Coach Features and Limitations

Click the Draft Coach feature name to learn more about the functionality. Limitations of each feature are described below.

  • Similarity Check: You will be able to run a total of three Similarity Checks per document. If you need to run more checks, create a new document to run additional checks.
  • Citations Check
  • Grammar Guide: Grammar Guide will only provide a report for the first 100,000 characters. If your document exceeds this length, Turnitin recommends splitting your draft into separate documents.
  • View Full Report: Exclusions are temporary and are not included in downloaded reports.


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