Turnitin: Use Turnitin (similarity checking) on a Canvas assignment

Turnitin is a similarity/originality checking tool that can be used in conjunction with Canvas File Upload or Text Entry submission assignments. For originality checking on computer code assignments, refer to Gradescope documentation.

Turnitin originality check is now an option for any Canvas File Upload assignment. Instructors can use all of the Canvas File Upload features in the assignment, including rubrics, group assignments, and peer review. Instructors can view Turnitin scores and reports from the Canvas gradebook or from SpeedGrader. Students can view their reports and assignment scores from their Grades page in Canvas.

Create a File Upload assignment with Turnitin originality check:

  1. Create (or modify) a Canvas assignment
  2. Set the Submission Type to Online
  3. Check the Text Entry and/or File Upload option(s)
  4. Select Turnitin from the drop-down menu in the Plagiarism Review box (located a little lower on the Assignment Edit page)
  5. Set your options for originality check (e.g., “Do not store the submitted papers” if this is a draft assignment)
  6. Set the remaining options for the assignment
  7. Save and Publish
  8. After students submit the assignment you can view the originality score and report from the Canvas gradebook or from SpeedGrader

More Information

Q. How does Peer Review work?

A. It works just as it normally does for Canvas Peer Review assignments. There is no change to the Canvas Peer Review process because of the TII functionality

Q. How do Group assignments work?

A. All students will be given the same Turnitin score, and all students in the group can view the submission and the Turnitin report.

Q. Do I have to create separate assignments for drafts? Or can students submit multiple drafts and view a report for each one?

A. Yes, you would still create separate assignments for drafts. Students can submit multiple times to the same assignment, but they will only be able to see the submission and Turnitin report of their latest submission. Instructors can review all of the files a student submits, and each file’s Turnitin report.

Q. Can I submit a Turnitin assignment as Test Student?

A. Yes, instructors can upload files via Student view and see originality reports, just as their enrolled students do. Instructors can also view the Test student submissions and reports in the Canvas gradebook.

Q. How is this different from the Turnitin integration we had before?

A. This new integration adds the originality check to a standard Canvas assignment which means you can use all of the built-in Canvas functionality e.g., peer review, group assignments, and Canvas rubrics. Additionally, the new integration can be used by the Test Student in Canvas.

Q. Can I check my document outside of Canvas?

A. If your document is a Google doc, you can use Draft Coach to check your document.

Still have questions?

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Turnitin's Draft Coach™ tool is available in OSU's Microsoft 365 Word Online documents and in Google Docs. OSU students, faculty and staff can use it to check their writing for similarity against online sources before submitting their assignment.