Mail Merge in Outlook - Change the Sender's Email Address


  • How do I change the sender's email address for mail merge in Outlook?


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Mail merges will always use the default account in a user's profile. User's can create a second identity (profile) in Outlook on Mac or on Windows and use that for the mail merge - but you will need to be able to log into that other Email account on outlook. (For example: Shared mailboxes that users can sign into with their ONID account, or ones where they know the password to it, could be used)




Step 1 - Create a new profile for the shared mailbox in Outlook:

To send emails to a large number of recipients, senders can use mail merge functionality with content from Microsoft Word. Below are the steps that must be completed.

Manage profiles or identities in Outlook for Mac

  1. Quit Outlook if it is open. (right-click on app icon and select quit)
  2. From Finder, open the Applications folder.
  3. Ctrl+click or right-click Microsoft Outlook, and then select Show Package Contents.
  4. Once the folder opens up, open Contents > Shared Support.
  5. Then launch Outlook Profile Manager by double clicking or right-click and open.
  6. Create a new profile.
    1. Select the Create a new profile button on the bottom left of the new screen  Add
      Then enter a name for the new profile, such as the name of the other email or just 'Other'
  7. Change the default profile. Click on the profile that you want, access Set the default profile   Action pop-up menu or right-click on the new profile. Then choose Set as Default
  8. Re-Open outlook, it should prompt for login to a new account as if you are setting up Outlook for the first time. Login to the other email address. Refer to this article for help: Outlook 2016/2019/365 on Mac - Add an Additional Mailbox
  9. Continue with mail merge process noted in Step 2 Outlook will now use whatever is marked as the default email as the sending email address on a mail merge.
  • NOTE: Remember to change back to your original default email account in Outlook after you are finished. 
    • To do so, go back to the Outlook Profile Manager and select the original one 'main' or its the name of your ONID, and right-click and choose Set as Default.


Manage profiles or identities in Outlook for Windows/PC:

Typically, the shared mailbox for your department appears as a second mailbox in your Outlook when you log in as yourself. However, to use mail merge for your department, you will need to create a second profile specifically for your department's shared mailbox so that this shared mailbox is the default sender for the message.

  1. Close Outlook (if open)
  2. Press Start and enter Control Panel
  3. Select "Mail (Microsoft Outlook)"
  4. Select "Show Profiles..."
  5. Select "Prompt for a profile to be used"
  6. Click "Add"
  7. Enter a name for the profile, such as the name of the shared mailbox
  8. On the Auto Account Setup screen:
  9. Outlook may pre-fill your account information; you will need to overwrite this. Delete anything pre-filled in the Email Address box and enter the email address of the shared mailbox instead.
  10. After you enter the shared mailbox address, you can also update the "Your Name" field to the name of the shared mailbox
  11. Leave both password boxes blank and click "Next >"
  12. You will see "Searching for your mail server settings..."
  13. A Microsoft "Sign in" window will pop-up. The email address of the shared mailbox will be pre-filled, but you need to change this to your

  14. When you see "Congratulations!" click Finish
  15. Now when you launch Outlook, you will be able to choose the shared mailbox profile
  16. Note: if you are prompted to sign in to "Activate Office" please use your ONID account sign in with the format
  • Remember to change back to your original default email account in Outlook after you are finished. 
    • To do so, go back to "Mail (Microsoft Outlook)" > "Show Profiles..." and select the original one: 'Main' or its the name of your ONID. Then select "Always use this profile" on the bottom.


Step 2 - Prepare Microsoft Word

The merged file is a combination of the Word document with your message, and the mailing list.

  1. Open the document in Microsoft Word, and click on the Mailings tab.

  1. Click Select Recipients and go to “Use Existing List”
  2. Use the dialog box to navigate to and open the data spreadsheet
  3. Select the appropriate table in the text dialog box
    1. If necessary, select Edit Recipient List and de-select all unwanted data
  4. Select Finish and Merge
  5. Go to Send E-Mail Messages
  6. In the “Merge to E-mail” dialog box that comes up, verify that the “To:” field and the “Subject line” field show the correct fields. Then verify that the mail format is HTML.
  7. Click OK and now messages will start to be sent.



For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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