ONID - Map ONID Home Folder on MacOS


These instructions are for connecting your Mac computer to a Network Drive if your Windows computer is on the OSU network or VPN.


  • Have a Mac
  • An OSU network connection or VPN
  • Permissions to access to a network drive`


  1. From the Finder, click on the Go menu and choose Connect To Server.

  2.  In the Address field, enter the network drive location:
    1. For your ONID Home Directory, use "smb://onid-fs.onid.oregonstate.edu"
    2. For additional network drives, consult the Network Drive List.
      You will want to add smb:// of cifs:// before the server addresses
  3. Click the Connect button. You can also add it to a list of Favorites by pressing the plus button. 

  4. Enter your ONID username and password. Click Connect.
  5. Choose your Volume from the list of shares and click OK.

  6. Your network drive will now be a drive on your desktop!

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

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