ONID - Home Folder


  • How do I access my ONID home folder?
  • How do I access my ONID network drive?


  • Oregon State University
  • Student, Employee or Associate
  • ONID Account


The ONID drive is server storage space provided by ONID for anyone with an ONID account. Here you will find 2GB of space, to be used for anything from hosting a website to saving a paper so you can print it from the Library.


  • Connect to your ONID drive using one of the following articles:
  • In the public_html folder, any files listed will be viewable publicly at people.oregonstate.edu/~username (where username is your ONID username). This is where you can place and maintain web pages.
  • The folder labeled username is a storage folder that is visible only to you.

Quota Increase

If you need more storage space in your ONID home drive for coursework, contact the Service Desk. The Service Desk will escalate the request to the ONID support team.


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