Wireless - Connect to OSU_Secure on Android, Chromebook


  • How do I connect to OSU_Secure on an Android device?
  • How do I connect to OSU_Secure on a Chromebook?


  • Oregon State University
  • Wireless Network
  • OSU_Secure


  1. Open up the settings application and look for "WiFi". Device settings window showing "Wi-Fi" option.
  2. Select "OSU_Secure" from the list of WiFi networks. Wi-Fi settings window showing networks available at OSU.
  3. Make sure EAP method is set to PEAP.
  4. Enter your ONID username into the identity box in the formate "username@oregonstate.edu".
  5. Enter your ONID password into the password box.
  6. Your screen should look similar to the one below.
    Settings for OSU_Secure showing PEAP as the EAP method.
  7. Some devices ask for a certificate when trying to connect. If yours does, please select "Do not validate" or "Do not check."
  8. Some devices require a domain to be specified. If you run into this type "onid.oregonstate.edu" in the domain field.
  9. Select "Connect" to connect to wifi.



For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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