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  • How do I configure my Exchange account on my Android device?


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Note: Screenshots and text may vary depending on phone model and OS.

Method 1 - Use Outlook App for Android

The Outlook app is more feature-rich than the default Gmail app, and will offer an interface and experience more consistent with the Outlook for web and desktop Outlook applications.

  1. Install the Microsoft Outlook app from the Play Store.
  2. Open the Microsoft Outlook app, and tap Get Started.
  3. Enter your OSU email address in the format.
    • Please note: using when setting up your account may result in errors. Enter your email address in the format
    • Your device may find existing Email accounts on your device.  If your OSU email account is among these accounts, ensure the account is checked, then tap Add Accounts, and log in as requested.
  4. Enter your OSU Login password in the Password field, and Exchange in the Description field, then click the check mark.  
  5. Click SKIP to proceed to your inbox.

You have successfully added your Exchange Online Account.  Note: it may take a few moments for your emails to download.

Method 2 - Use Default Mail App (Gmail) for Android Devices

Some Android devices may have slightly different menus and settings when adding an Exchange account.  However, in general the process should be similar to follow the steps outlined here.  Some Android devices have not been able to successfully configure email through the default mail app and have chosen to use the free Microsoft Outlook app instead.  If you are currently using your default mail app on your Android device to access your OSU Exchange mailbox, you may need to remove your old account information from the settings and then add the account again after your migration to Exchange Online.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Accounts settings option (this may be named Accounts  & sync on some versions of Android).
  3. Tap the Add account option.
  4. From the list of account types, select Exchange (this may be named Corporate or Exchange ActiveSync on some versions of Android).
  5. Enter your OSU email address in the format, then tap Next.
  6. Enter your OSU Login password, then tap Next.
  7. You may be directed to sign in to Oregon State University Federation Services.  Enter your OSU email address in the format and your OSU Login password and tap Sign in. 
  8. You may receive a Microsoft Permission requested message, tap Accept.
  9. You may receive a Redirect Request prompting for permission to send account info to, tap OK.
  10. You may be asked to accept a Privacy Policy, if so tap Agree
  11. Account configuration should be completed automatically.  Tap Next to continue.
  12. You may receive a Remote Security Administration request, if so, tap OK.   To allow remote security features, scrolling down to and tapping Activate under Activate device admin app.  Please note, OSU does not leverage remove security features. 
    • Selecting Cancel on this prompt exits the setup process. 
  13. The account name will default as  You may optionally change the account name.  Tap Next to complete the setup process.

You have successfully added your Exchange Online email and calendar account to your Android device.  


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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