Box - Request to Restore Lost Access

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  • I have changed positions at the university and no longer have access to Box.
  • Error "OSU Login - Access Denied. You are not eligible for the service requested."


  • Oregon State University
  • Employee
  • Box


Employees must have an active, current job record in Banner in order to access Box.


Complete New Hire Paperwork

  1. Contact your User's Business Center Human Resources to request completion of employee new-hire paperwork.
  2. Once the new job is active in Banner, Box access will be restored.

Request Temporary Access to Box

If the previous job has ended and the new job has not yet started, you will not have access to Box yet. In this case, you can request temporary access until the new job starts.

  1. Contact the Service Desk to explain the situation and request temporary access to Box.
  2. The Service Desk will escalate the request to the Box Escalation team for review.
  3. The Service Desk will notify you when Box access has been granted.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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