MyOSU - Resolve Broken Links


  • MyOSU works but the links are broken


  • Student or Employee
  • Off-campus


On some networks security settings may cause error messages to be displayed in the MyOSU portal. The following are a few symptoms of this issue:

  • Logging into MyOSU works without issue, but various links within MyOSU are broken
  • The traditional Online Services page found from within MyOSU works without issue
  • MyOSU works without issue for the same person on the Oregon State University network or on another network



Method 1 - Connect to the OSU VPN

Connecting to the OSU VPN will allow you to avoid any port restrictions that may be present on the network you are currently on.

For more information, see:

Method 2 - Use a Different Network

Again, the issue regarding links not working through myOSU is generally due to a port being blocked on the network that you are on. A different network may not block this port and allow access to myOSU (most, if not all cellular networks will not block that port, meaning that a Cell Phone connecting through mobile data should be able to access myOSU without any issues).

Method 3 - Unblock the Port

Contact the network administrator for the network you are connected to and request to have port 8865 access allowed.


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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