Login to Chromebook with OSU Account


  • Can I use a Chromebook or Chromebox with my ONID login?


  • Student or Employee
  • ONID Account
  • Chromebook or Chromebox


Yes, you can login to your OSU Google account via your Chromebook. Please follow these steps. 

  1. If you are already signed in to your Chromebook, sign out
  2. On the bottom, click Add person
    1. If you are on a Campus owned Chromebook, skip this step
  3. Enter your username as username@oregonstate.edu; enter your password
  4. Click Next
  5. Follow the steps that appear

Once logged in you will see the “Shelf” or “Taskbar” along the bottom of the screen. Because all information is stored in the cloud, any changes made to account settings, preferences or themes will be automatically transferred to whereever your OSU Google account is used.  

Note:When you leeave the university, your OSU account will be deactivated and then deleted. Any data stored with the account will be permanently deleted at that time. See ONID Account Eligibility and Duration for more details.


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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