Duo - I Forgot, Lost, or Damaged my Phone; what do I do?


  • How can I use Duo if my Duo device is unavailable, lost or broken?


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If you have a second device registered, such as a tablet or a hardware token, you can use that device to log in with Duo. If you do not, we strongly suggest adding a second device in the future to avoid these situations. Another option is to generate a Temporary Access Code ahead of time if you know you will not have access to your Duo device.

Contact a Helpdesk

  1. Call or visit your department's IT Helpdesk, or the Service Desk
  2. A technician will need to verify your identity to keep your information secure
    • Over the phone:
      • You will need access to a webcam so that a technician can start a web call with you
      • The technician will need to see you along with a form of ID (OSU ID or government-issued ID)
    • In person:
      • Bring an ID, either OSU ID or government-issued ID
  3. The technician will then be able to generate a bypass code, which you can use temporarily until you regain access to your Duo device

If your Duo device has become deactivated (e.g. you deleted the Duo app, bought a new phone, etc.), you may be able to Reactivate Your Phone.


For assistance with Duo, please contact your department's IT Helpdesk, or the Service Desk.

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