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Pinned Article Duo - Sign Up and Device Options

Get signed up for Duo two-step login!

Pinned Article Duo - Sign-up with a Hardware Token

Duo hardware tokens are a good option if you don't have a smartphone, or if you need a second Duo device.

Pinned Article Duo - Sign-Up with a Mobile Device

Using Duo with a mobile device is the recommended option.

Duo - "Remember Me" Feature

How to use the Duo 12-hour "remember me" feature.

Duo - Am I Signed up for Duo?

How to confirm you are enrolled in Duo two-step login.

Duo - Can't Find Duo Mobile App in the App Store

Troubleshoot problems installing the Duo Mobile app.

Duo - Former Employee's Token

What to do with a former employee's Duo hardware token.

Duo - Get a Temporary Access Code

How to get a temporary Duo code ahead of time.

Duo - Hardware Token Shows "888 888"

Troubleshoot Duo hardware token display.

Duo - I Can't Login - Troubleshooting and Errors

Troubleshoot common Duo login issues.

Duo - I Forgot, Lost, or Damaged my Phone; what do I do?

What to do if you forgot your Duo device.

Duo - Manage Your Devices

How to add, remove, reactivate or deactivate Duo devices.

Duo - Push Notifications Not Working

How to resolve Duo push notification issues.

Duo - Reactivate My Phone

How to reactivate your phone for Duo.

Duo - Replace a Phone

How to replace a phone used for Duo two-step authentication.

Duo - Replacing a Hardware Token

How to remove or replace a hardware token.

Duo - Request Opt-out

Can I opt out of Duo?

Duo - Sign-up Not Working

What to do if the Duo sign-up process fails.

Duo - Using an Apple Watch with Two-Step Login

How to use Duo with an Apple Watch.