Kaltura: Take a Kaltura interactive video quiz

This article describes how to take an Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ) created in Kaltura.


  • How do I take a quiz in Kaltura?


  • Oregon State
    • MediaSpace
    • Canvas


Start the Quiz

  1. Navigate to the video quiz.
  2. Click the Play button on the video quiz. A Welcome screen should appear.
    • If enabled, a Pre-test option will be visible in the top right corner of the Welcome screen. This will download a PDF containing the question(s) and possible answers for the video quiz.
      IVQ - If the quiz creator enabled the option
  3. Press Continue from the Welcome screen to start the video quiz.
    • During the video, you can see the question positions on the scrub bar.
    • As the video plays and a question is reached, the video will pause and the question text and answers will appear on the player screen.
      IVQ - Scrub bar

Choose an Answer

  1. Click on the answer you want
  2. Click Select to finalize your choice
  3. Click Continue to resume the video
    IVQ - Chosen answer

Skip Questions

If enabled, you can skip questions by clicking SKIP FOR NOW in the lower right corner of the quiz screen. You can return to skipped questions at any time and will also be prompted to review skipped questions at the end of the quiz before submitting the quiz attempt.
IVQ - To skip a question

Access Hints

If enabled, questions may contain a hint to help you answer the question. To access the hint, click Hint. After reviewing the hint, close the Hint screenby clicking the X in the top right corner. This will return you to the question screen.
IVQ - Hint callout

Complete the Quiz

  1. Once the last question has been answered or skipped, a cube icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the player to indicate that all questions have been answered and are ready to be reviewed and submitted.
    • Clicking the cube icon will skip the rest of the video and take you to the Completed screen. The quiz has NOT been submitted at this point.
    • If you skipped any questions, you will see an Almost Done screen before you can access the Completed screen
      IVQ - To complete quiz
  2. On the Completed screen, click Submit to submit your answers and complete the quiz.
    • You may also review your quiz attempt before submitting your quiz
    • If enabled, you may change your answers when reviewing your quiz attempt
      IVQ - Review quiz

If enabled, you may see your quiz score, be given an option to review correct answers, and/or take the quiz again.


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