Known Issue: Edited Kaltura video will not process


  • Videos with low bit rates that are edited in the Kaltura Editor may get stuck in a perpetual "processing" state


  • Kaltura


The Kaltura Editor cannot properly edit videos with a low bit rate. This is a rare scenario. Videos with a low bit rate may include video conference recordings as well as recordings done with out-of-date versions of Kaltura Capture.


The original video will be unaffected by this situation. Only when the original video is edited will that end-product find itself stuck in a perpetual "processing" state. That original video cannot be properly edited in the Kaltura Editor so trying again will not produce a different result. The user can download the video and edit it in another product such as Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut. But for short videos regardless of bit rate, it is always recommended that, rather than editing the video, the user simply re-record it. It's simpler and faster than experimenting with the Kaltura Editor.

If the user generated this low bit rate recording through Kaltura Capture, they should upgrade to the most current version of the software.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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Fri 3/29/19 10:15 AM
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