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  • How do I install StatGraphics?
  • How do I license StatGraphics?


  • Oregon State University
  • Student
  • Employee
  • Windows

License Restrictions

Available for OSU faculty, staff and students on institutional or personally-owned devices or computers for use in education and non-commercial research.


Install Steps

  1. Make sure the computer is on the OSU network or connected to the VPN.
  2. Open Windows File Explorer and enter \\\software into the address bar.
  3. If prompted for credentials, enter ONID\username for the username and your ONID password for the password.
  4. Once authenticated, find the StatGraphics folder.
  5. Copy either the 32 bit or 64 bit MSI installer to your computer.
    NOTE: 32 bit StatGraphics can be run on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows. 64 bit StatGraphics requires a 64 bit version of Windows.
  6. Run the copied installer by clicking on next and agree when prompted.
  7. When prompted for name and organization, leave the fields at the default values.
  8. Select where StatGraphics will be be installed and if it will be available for all users of the computer (usually fine to leave these at defaults).
  9. Once installed, open StatGraphics as an administrator (right click -> run as admin) and click "Activate".
  10. Enter the serial number found in the same folder as the installers.
  11. When prompted, enter "Oregon State University" for the institution, your ONID email address, and country, the click "Press here to request an activation code".
  12. StatGraphics will send an email with the activation code. Enter this into the the field and click "activate".
    NOTE: If you encounter licensing errors when trying to request an activation code, send the serial number, product key, and their university email address to and an activation code will be provided (all of this info should be on the activation window).

Uninstall Steps

  1. To remove StatGraphics, open Programs and Features from the Control Panel.
  2. Find StatGraphics in the list.
  3. Right click -> uninstall. 

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

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