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Artemis and Mauve Installation Process

How to download Artemis and Mauve on the same device. Mauve is incompatible with Java Development Kit, and Artemis requires Java Development Kit.

BlueBee Service Connector - Installation Processs

Overview of the installation process for BlueBee

ESET Antivirus for Mac - How to Hide Dock Icon and Splash Screen

When installed on macOS Mojave or later, ESET Endpoint Antivirus opens with a splash screen and dock icon by default. You can change the application's preferences to hide these, and keep ESET running in the background.

How to compress a folder

This article describes how to create a zip/7z file using file compression tools.

Pro Tools Launch Error

Article provides solution for launching Pro Tools when the software is displaying launch error(s) before closing.

Upgrade to Office 2019 for Mac

Upgrade your existing Office for Mac applications to the latest version of Office 2019 for Mac.