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License Restrictions

License Restrictions: 

Available for OSU faculty, staff and students on institutional or personally-owned devices or computers for use in education and non-commercial research.

OSU does NOT license any free Student-Use SigmaPlot software. 


If installing from off campus, make sure to connect to the VPN before proceeding.

  1. Navigate to \\\software\Sigmaplot in Windows File Explorer.
  2. Copy the SigmaPlot Installation folder to the desktop.
  3. Run the _Sigmaplot15Installer.exe.
  4. Click next.
  5. Read and accept the license agreement, then click next.
  6. Enter your ONID username and Organization as Oregon State University. Enter the serial number from the text document in the installation folder.
  7. Change the install directory if needed (usually fine to leave this at default).
  8. Click next.
  9. Click next again.
  10. Cick next one more time.
  11. Once the install finishes, launch SigmaPlot. This should open the license utility.
  12. Click "Install Updates".
  13. Download and install any available updates.
  14. Once finished, run SigmaPlot as an administrator (only need to run as an admin to apply the license).
  15. Once open, click the help dropdown list on the right hand side and click License Status.
  16. Under New License, select license key. Copy the license key found in the text document.

License Update

If SigmaPlot is already installed, you can do steps 14-15 above using the license files in \\software\software\SigmaPlot.

Activation Trouble/Reinstall After Reimage

If the software is currently installed on a computer and needs to be reimaged or the OS is upgraded, below are the steps to relicense without using up a new license (NOTE: This is just to reinstall during the same license cycle. A new license will still need to be purchased annually). These steps can also be used to activate an offline machine or a machine where the license activation server is unreachable.

  1. Generate the .c2v file from the machine to be activated under the license information tab in the license utility.
  2. Send this file to Douglas Kim at along with the activation code.
  3. A license file will be returned.
  4. Make sure the computer is named the same during the upgrade/reimage and this same license file will activate without using another seat on the license.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

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