NVivo - Install/Licensing


  • How do I install NVivo?
  • Is NVivo compatible with my computer?


  • Oregon State University
  • Employee
  • Graduate Student
  • Windows
  • MacOS 

License Restrictions

Available for OSU faculty, staff and students on institutional devices or computers for use in education and non-commercial research.

NVivo licenses cost $130 and renews on April 23rd. Please contact OSU.Software@oregonstate.edu with an index to purchase a license.



  1. Navigate to \\software.oregonstate.edu\software\Nvivo in Windows File Explorer.
  2. Find the desired version of NVivo and copy the Windows folder to the desktop.
  3. Make note of the Single user license key found in the NVivo folder.
  4. Run the installer.
  5. This may prompt to install Microsoft SQL server. Install if needed.
  6. Click next.
  7. Read and accept the license agreement.
  8. Change the install folder if needed (usually fine to leave this at default) and click next.
  9. Select if the web browser extensions should be installed and click next.
  10. Review the install settings and click install.
  11. Click finish and launch NVivo.
  12. Enter the product key noted earlier and click next.
  13. Fill out the requested info and click activate.


  1. Open Finder and select "Go -> Connect to Server".
  2. Enter "smb://software.oregonstate.edu/software" and click "Connect".
  3. If prompted for a login, enter "ONID\[Your ONID Username]" for the usernname and your ONID password for the password.
  4. Find the NVivo folder and make note of the license keys in the text document.
  5. Find the desired version of NVivo and copy the Mac folder to the desktop.
  6. Double click on the NVivo.dmg.
  7. Drag the NVivo Icon to the applications folder in the popup window.
  8. Open NVivo from the applications folder.
  9. Read and accept the license agreement.
  10. Enter the license key noted earlier and click next.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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