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Due to COVID-19/working remotely, SPSS has provided new guidelines, through the license cycle (March 31, 2021):

  • Now allowed on student owned devices
  • No charge for students
  • Now includes rider and virtual computer lab rider

NOTE - Students looking to recieve a SPSS license should send an email to with your ONID username and desired version of SPSS. Please do not fill out the form. Staff/faculty can use the form to request a SPSS license.

SPSS is a predictive analytics software program including these modules: 

  • SPSS Statistics Base
  • SPSS Missing Values
  • SPSS Regression
  • SPSS Advanced Statistics

Add-ons to SPSS:

  • AMOS (for an additional $344.00) - contact IBM to purchase with a credit card


OSU Employee

$200 annually

License Restrictions

Available for OSU faculty, staff and students on institutional devices or computers for use in education and non-commercial research.

Available for OSU faculty and staff on personally-owned devices or computers for use in education and non-commercial research.

Once you leave OSU, you must remove ALL SITE-LICENSED SOFTWARE from your personal computers.  Any valid licenses on work computers may be transferred to another employee.


Please Note: Normally SPSS is NOT allowed on student-owned devices. Due to COVID-19, it is available to install on student devices.

Additional Assistance

Service Desk - 541-737-8787 -

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