Zoom - Audio Input Issue (Windows)


  • Other collaborators can't hear me during a zoom meeting. 
  • I have checked, and made sure that the drivers for my audio devices are up-to-date, but my microphone is still not working.


  • Oregon State University
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Students
  • Windows Users
  • Zoom Users
  • Zoom Desktop Application
  • Zoom Outlook-Plugin Application


The 'Allow apps to access your microphone' setting has not been turned on.



  1. Click on Windows start menu, and search for 'Microphone'. Options will appear.
    Select the option which says 'Choose which apps can access your microphone'.

  2. You will be led to another page, as shown below. If you have not enabled permissions for apps to access your microphone, it will appear as 'Off'.

  3. Toggle to switch to 'ON', and you will see that some apps will have permissions to access the microphone (the switch next the application will be 'On', like the 'Voice Recorder' app in the picture below). Also, please make sure that it says 'Currently in use' for the apps called 'Zoom Meetings'.

  4. Please exit any previous instance of Zoom meetings, and then reopen the Zoom application. Select the 'Test Speaker and Microphone' option (below the 'Join with Computer Audio' button).

  5. The first test will be a 'Speaker Test', in which a ringtone will be played to test for the functionality of your device's speakers. Please make sure that it is working properly, and then select 'Yes' to the 'Do you hear a ringtone?' prompt, in order to proceed to the next step.

  6. As for the microphone test, a blue bar will fill the 'Input Level' bar, everytime you speak (as shown below, with a red arrow pointing towards it). This is assuming that the internal microphone hardware is functioning properly, and after permissions has been enabled. Select 'Yes' if you are able to hear your own voice input

  7. A message, "Speaker and Microphone looks good" will appear on the little window. You are now ready to join or host a Zoom meeting. Have fun! wink

    For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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