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Pinned Article Known Issue: Zoom - User Cannot Edit Display Name

Display names cannot be updated in OSU Zoom account profile settings. This information is populated automatically through SSO. Display names can be changed on a per-meeting basis.

Pinned Article New Registration Confirmation Process

On October 12, OSU's Zoom account will experience a change to the Zoom registration process. When an attendee registers for an event, the join link will no longer be displayed on the confirmation page of their web browser. Instead, the attendee will find the join link in the email confirmation.

Pinned Article September 10, 2020 - Passcode Requirement for ALL Zoom Meetings

Starting September 10, 2020 - Alll Zoom meetings will require a Passcode to ensure safer, more secure meetings.

Pinned Article Zoom - Live Transcription (Automatic Closed Captioning)

Zoom now has automatic Live Transcription (closed captioning) available in English. Once enabled, this automatically adds text to the bottom of the video with what the host and others are saying. Users must enable the "This must be manually enabled on the host's Zoom account within their settings on the Zoom website. This article will review how to enable the automatic live transcription (closed captioning) settings and how to leverage them within a meeting.

Pinned Article Zoom - New Meeting Flow Process - Beginning March 27th

On March 27, OSU's Zoom account will experience a change to the meeting join flow process. The New Meeting Join Flow streamlines the user experience of joining a meeting. Currently, users see up to three separate dialogue windows during the join flow: Please wait for the host to join, the video preview window, and the Waiting Room (if applicable). Among these improvements, the functionality of the first “waiting for host” window is combined with the third Waiting Room window.

Pinned Article Zoom - Troubleshooting Meeting Quality Issues

This article is intended to help Zoom users who are experiencing meeting quality issues. We've provided tips for ensuring a high-quality meeting, along with tips on how to troubleshoot a meeting that is experiencing issues.

Pinned Article Zoom - Update the Desktop Application

This article covers the steps for checking for updates in the Zoom desktop application.

Problem: Meeting Owner Cannot Have Concurrent Meetings in Zoom

Zoom does not allow users to own two or more meetings that occur at the same time. This situation might occur when a user schedules multiple meetings, some of which take place in the same or overlapping time slots.

Zoom - Add & Share Pronouns to Zoom Display Name

With the Pronouns feature, you can add your pronouns directly to your user profile to display within Zoom meetings.

Zoom - Add Dial-In Telephone Option to a Running/Started OR Scheduled Zoom Meeting

This KB includes steps on how to configure a scheduled OR started/running Zoom Meeting to include a telephone dial-in number and code for participants to call into the meeting.

Zoom - Add International Dial-In Phone Numbers

Schedule a Zoom meeting with international dial-in phone numbers.

Zoom - Audio Only Conference Call/Meeting

This KB includes information on the two methods of scheduling and using Zoom for audio-only conferencing.

Zoom - Change/Use Host Key (Join Before Host)

This KB includes steps on finding your Host Key as well as how to edit your Host Key.

Zoom - Cisco/Polycom Room System with a Zoom Meeting - Enhanced Process

Enhanced User Experience for Cisco/Polycom with Zoom.

Zoom - Cisco/Polycom Room System with a Zoom Meeting - Standard Process

Standard User Experience for Cisco/Polycom with Zoom.

Zoom - Configure Exchange or Google Calendar Integration Setting

This KB includes steps on configuring the Exchange or Google Calendar Integration with Zoom. This allows meeting to appear in your Desktop Client "Meetings" and/or Upcoming Meetings view.

Zoom - Disable "UNMUTE" Microphone for Participants / Allows for Listening with Chat Functionality

This KB article includes steps on turning on the Zoom Meeting settings "Mute Participants On Entry" and "Allow Participants To Unmute Themselves"

Zoom - Disable In-Meeting Private Chat

This Knowledge Base article covers disabling private chat on either your Zoom account or within individual meetings.

Zoom - Disable Participant Annotation

This KB article includes directions on how to disable participant annotation. This can be done for all of your Zoom meetings or on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

Zoom - Downloads Center (Desktop Client, Outlook Plugin, Browser Extensions, Mobile Apps)

This KB includes information on where to download the latest Zoom client, plugins, apps, and browser extensions/add-ons directly from Zoom.

Zoom - Edit a Live Meeting to Enable Option for BOTH "Telephone" and "Computer Audio"

Edit a LIVE Zoom Meeting to enable BOTH "Telephone" AND "Computer Audio" options.

Zoom - Enabling Q&A for Meetings

Zoom users now have the ability to enable the Q&A functionality for their Zoom meetings. Q&A allows participants to ask questions during the meeting, and for the host and co-hosts to answer their questions.

Zoom - How to Setup Virtual Office Hours using Zoom

This KB includes two different methods of setting up office hours using Zoom. One is leveraging the registration process, the other is using the waiting room feature in Zoom.

Zoom - Join a Meeting (Client, Web, Mobile, Telephone)

This KB includes steps to joining a Zoom meeting as a participant/attendee using email invite, web browser, desktop client, iOS/Android mobile app, and telephone.

Zoom - Locate Zoom Recording

This KB includes information on how to locate a Zoom Recording that by default should appear in Media Space.

Zoom - Meeting Reports - Attendance Report and Usage Reporting

This KB includes information on how to pull reports for meetings and attendance as a Zoom User (member).

Zoom - Record a Meeting (Cloud Recording & Local Recording)

This KB includes steps on how to record a Zoom Meeting using either "Record to the Cloud" or "Record on this Computer"

Zoom - Request Captions using Kaltura

This knowledge base article references a Kaltura article for requesting captions on a Zoom recording.

Zoom - Reusing Meeting IDs & Configure Audio Meeting for Recurring Use

This KB includes information on reusing a Zoom Meeting ID along with details on how long "join" links are active. This KB will also cover scheduling an open-ended Zoom audio meeting for recurring use. This is useful for users who wish to have a dedicated phone number and meeting ID, often used for recurring audio-only conferences (without set dates).

Zoom - Room System (Cisco/Polycom or Zoom Room) Exchange (2010) Resource Configuration

This KB includes the necessary tasks that must be completed in order to configure Cisco/Polycom rooms to fully function with Zoom.

Zoom - Save and Access In-Meeting Chat

This article covers manually saving in-meeting chat, changing the default automatic save location, and how to access your saved in-meeting chat.

Zoom - Schedule a Meeting (Client, Web, Mobile)

This includes steps on scheduling a Zoom Meeting using either the Zoom client, Web, or Mobile.

Zoom - Schedule a Meeting using Microsoft Outlook Plug-in

This KB includes information on the Zoom Microsoft Outlook Plug in. Included is how to schedule a Outlook Meeting with Zoom, adding Zoom to an existing Outlook event, and information on the Outlook Plug in.

Zoom - Schedule a Webinar (Requires License Request Form)

This KB includes information on how to obtain a Webinar License and steps to schedule a Webinar.

Zoom - Schedule Meeting on others Behalf - Scheduling Privilege

This KB includes steps on assigning scheduling privilege as well as steps to scheduling a Zoom meeting for someone else.

Zoom - Schedule Meeting with Alternate Host or Leveraging Co-Host

This article covers how to leverage both scheduling an alternate host and making someone a co-host within a running Zoom meeting.

Zoom - Screen Sharing in Meeting

This KB includes steps to sharing your screen/application within a Zoom Meeting. Available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Zoom - Secure a Meeting by Allowing Only Authenticated Users to Join

To ensure that only users logged in with the email used to invite them (in this case an email) can join, you can set your meeting to only allow authenticated users.

Zoom - Stop/Disable Participant's Video

This knowledgebase article covers stopping and disabling a participant's video while in a meeting.

Zoom - Tips to Improve Zoom Audio & Video on Low Bandwidth Networks

If you are in a rural location or know that you have low bandwidth at your location, you can apply some of the following tips to help improve your Zoom experience.

Zoom - Use a Meeting similar to a Webinar

This article covers some setting changes and pointers for leveraging a Zoom Meeting similar to a Zoom Webinar.

Zoom - Use/Customize Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

This KB includes information on what a Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) is and how to start or schedule meetings using your PMI ID and/or link.

Zoom - Waiting Room Settings

These steps will enable the waiting room in Zoom to add security to Zoom Meetings.

Zoom Apps and Third Party Integrations

The Zoom App Marketplace allows third-party developers to build applications that leverage Zoom’s platform. This article will outline the steps for requesting a 3rd party app integration into Oregon State Zoom.

Zoom, Avaya Soft Phone - Turns Down Sound of Other Applications

Improve the background noise of applications during zoom meetings - allowing you to multitask or switch between applications while in a zoom meeting.