New Registration Confirmation Process

New Registration Confirmation Process

OSU's Zoom account will experience a change to the Zoom registration process. When an attendee registers for an event, the join link will no longer be displayed on the confirmation page of their web browser. Instead, the attendee will find the join link in the email confirmation. Meeting hosts will have the option to display the meeting link on the registration page if a participant registers within five minutes of the scheduled start time, or registers for an event that is already in progress. This change will reduce the chance of an unwanted attendee joining a meeting or webinar. This will go into effect on Wednesday, October 12 at 5:00 PM.


Meeting hosts will see this new option in the Registration Settings dialog when they schedule a meeting.


Once enabled, by default, registrants will no longer see join information (link, meeting password, etc.) on the registration confirmation page and will be asked to refer to their confirmation emails for how to join your meeting or webinar. Please see the image below. 




For assistance, contact the Service Desk.



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