Zoom - Access Denied


  • When I try to sign into Zoom, I get an "access denied" message.


  • Oregon State University
  • Student
  • Zoom


In order to receive a Zoom license, you need to be registered for classes. However, you can still join Zoom meetings if you are invited.

Advisors may use Zoom to set up an appointment with a student who has not registered for classes yet. In that case the advisor should set their meeting to allow unauthenticated users and should provide a meeting code to join.

Note: Students are provided a Zoom license when they complete START, or when they register for classes - whichever comes first.


Students - Join as Guest

Ask the person who wants to meet with you to send you the meeting code. Then go to http://zoom.us/join and enter the code to join the meeting.

Advisors - Allow Guests to Join Meeting

  1. When you schedule your meeting, leave the option "Only authenticated users can join" unchecked
  2. Provide the meeting ID to the student so they can join without logging in to Zoom.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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