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  • How do I enable Waiting Room on my OSU Zoom account?
  • How do I allow ONID participants to bypass the Waiting Room?


  • Oregon State University
  • Zoom 


All users should log in to OSU Zoom with their OSU Credentials, click on Settings in the Zoom menu on the left hand side of the screen and navigate to In Meeting (Advanced), scroll down to Waiting Room.

Waiting Room - Guests Only (recommended)

  1. Enable Waiting Room
  2. Choose Guest participatns only.
    Guest users who are not affiliated with OSU and users who have not signed in with ONID will be sent to the waiting room. ONID Users will be admitted automatically.
  3. Click Save

Waiting Room - All Participants

  1. Enable Waiting Room
  2. Choose All participants
    This places all participants in the waiting room.  Alternate Hosts will bypass the waiting room.
  3. Click Save

Customize the waiting room UI

  1. Enable Waiting Room
  2. Click on edit icon next to Customize the tile, logo, and description.
    This is the message participants in the waiting room will see.
  3. Edit the message.
  4. Add/Change Logo
    Logo should be in GIF/JPG/PNG format.  File size cannot exceed 1MB. 
    Logo minimum width or height is 60px and cannot exceed 400px.
  5. Add waiting room description.
  6. Click Close

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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