Zoom - Use a Meeting similar to a Webinar


  • How do I use a Zoom meeting similar to a Zoom webinar?
  • Can I use a Zoom meeting like a webinar?
  • What settings should I use to make a Zoom meeting like a webinar?


  • Oregon State University
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Students
  • Zoom User
  • Zoom Host 


This article covers some setting changes and pointers for leveraging a Zoom Meeting similar to a Zoom Webinar. You can either check-out a temporary webinar license or purchase a dedicated webinar license, however, often times a Zoom meeting would work great given a few adjustments. Information on OSU webinar licenses can be found on our website: https://is.oregonstate.edu/zoom/webinar-licenses

For a complete list of differences between Zoom meetings and webinars please visit, https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115005474943-Meeting-and-Webinar-Comparison

Steps for a Successful Meeting as a Webinar

  1. Configure your Zoom account
  2. Schedule Meeting with the suggested settings/options
  3. Start meeting and check the in-meeting settings


1. Configure Your Zoom Account

You can verify and edit your personal Zoom account settings after you sign in to zoom.oregonstate.edu. Click "Settings" from the menu on the left.

  • Screen Sharing - Who can share?: HOST ONLY
  • Annotation: DISABLED (Only disables participant annotation)
  • Whiteboard: DISABLED (Only disables participant whiteboard)

2. Scheduling Meeting as a Webinar

  • Registration: OPTIONAL
  • Video: Host ON / Participant OFF
  • Audio: BOTH
  • Enable join before host: UNCHECK
  • Mute participants upon entry: CHECK
  • Enable waiting room: CHECK
  • Only authenticated users can join: UNCHECK
  • Breakout Room pre-assign: UNCHECK
  • Record the meeting automatically in the cloud: OPTIONAL

3. In-Meeting Features and How-to Configure

  • We highly recommend you check your Zoom Security settings after starting the meeting. Click "Security" from the bottom menu.
    • Ensure Allow participants to "Screen Share" is UNCHECKED
    • Ensure Allow participants to "Chat" is UNCHECKED
    • Ensure Allow participants to "Rename themselves" is UNCHECKED
  • Change your participant options - Click "Participants" from the bottom menu, then select "More" from the lower right corner of the participant window.
    • Mute Participants Upon Entry: CHECK
    • Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves: UNCHECK
  • Familiarize yourself with how to remove someone from your meeting
    • 1) From the participant list, place your cursor over the participant's name, and click "More"
    • 2) From the drop-down, click "REMOVE"

Features Available in both Meetings and Webinars

  • Computer Audio or Phone Call-in
  • Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Annotation
  • Whiteboard
  • Recording
  • Registration
  • Polling
  • Waiting Room


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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