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Zoom now has automatic Live Transcription (closed captioning) available in English. Once enabled, this automatically adds text to the bottom of the video with what the host and others are saying. Users must enable the "This must be manually enabled on the host's Zoom account within their settings on the Zoom website. This article will review how to enable the automatic live transcription (closed captioning) settings and how to leverage them within a meeting.
On March 27, OSU's Zoom account will experience a change to the meeting join flow process. The New Meeting Join Flow streamlines the user experience of joining a meeting. Currently, users see up to three separate dialogue windows during the join flow: Please wait for the host to join, the video preview window, and the Waiting Room (if applicable). Among these improvements, the functionality of the first “waiting for host” window is combined with the third Waiting Room window.
Zoom users now have the ability to enable the Q&A functionality for their Zoom meetings. Q&A allows participants to ask questions during the meeting, and for the host and co-hosts to answer their questions.
This knowledgebase article covers stopping and disabling a participant's video while in a meeting.
This KB includes information on how to locate a Zoom Recording that by default should appear in Media Space.
This article is intended to help Zoom users who are experiencing meeting quality issues. We've provided tips for ensuring a high-quality meeting, along with tips on how to troubleshoot a meeting that is experiencing issues.
If you are in a rural location or know that you have low bandwidth at your location, you can apply some of the following tips to help improve your Zoom experience.
Starting September 10, 2020 - Alll Zoom meetings will require a Passcode to ensure safer, more secure meetings.
To ensure that only users logged in with the email used to invite them (in this case an email) can join, you can set your meeting to only allow authenticated users.
This KB includes steps to joining a Zoom meeting as a participant/attendee using email invite, web browser, desktop client, iOS/Android mobile app, and telephone.
This article covers some setting changes and pointers for leveraging a Zoom Meeting similar to a Zoom Webinar.