Canvas: Creating Zoom Polls


  • How do I create Zoom polls within Canvas?
  • After scheduling (or importing) my Zoom class meeting in Canvas, how do I add polling questions?


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I. Enable Polling in Global Zoom Setting

  1. Log in to the Zoom Web portal (
  2. In Settings >> In Meeting (Basic), scroll down to Polling and make sure "Add 'Polls' to the meeting controls." is turned ON.

II. Schedule (or Import) your Zoom Meeting via Canvas

Before you can schedule a Zoom meeting in Canvas, you must have Zoom enabled in your Canvas course. Click here to find out how.

  1. Log in to Canvas (
  2. Click "Zoom" from the left Canvas menu.
  3. Click "Schedule a New Meeting."
  4. Enter class title/name/number, class start date and duration.
  5. If this is a recurring meeting, enter those parameters.

NOTE: if you scheduled your meeting via the Zoom Web portal, after step (2) above you can instead import it into Canvas using the meeting ID: click the three dots next to "Schedule a New Meeting," click "Import Meeting" from the drop-down menu, and enter the Zoom meeting ID.

III. Create your Polls

  1. In Upcoming Meetings, click the Topic link for the Zoom Meeting to which you want to add a poll.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Download a CSV Template" link.
  3. Using a spreadsheet application (e.g. MS Excel), open the downloaded CSV and replace the demo data with your own data.​​​​​​
    • "Polling "Question Type" indicates whether you want students to select multiple answers (multiple) or only one answer (single).
    • Note: Questions listed under a single "Polling" will be delivered at the same time during your lecture (i.e. students will be able to respond to all the questions for that Polling at once); if you want to deliver several questions, one at a time throughout your lecture, enter each as a separate Polling.
  4. Save the CSV file to your computer.
  5. In Canvas, click "Import CSV" and select your edited CSV file.
  6. Your Zoom poll(s) will now appear at the bottom of the Zoom meeting page (click the down arrow to confirm these appear as expected).
NOTE: Polls may be added to your class meeting via the Zoom Web portal, without downloading/uploading a CSV; that is, you can add poll questions one at a time. Learn how to add polls in the Zoom Web portal.

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