MS Teams - Configure Notifications


  • I am not receiving notifications on new messages from a team in Microsoft Teams
  • I have tried to turn off notifications on a team and am still getting them


  • Oregon State University
  • Microsoft Teams


This article is about visible and audible notifications from the Teams app. For email notification issues, see: MS Teams - Email Notifications for Chat not Working


Microsoft's Tips

Microsoft has some suggestions documented here:

Troubleshoot Notifications Via the Teams App

There are several places that notifications are managed:

  • System-wide
    • Windows 10 Notifications settings, and Focus Assist settings
  • Teams Application: Settings, Notifications
    • In here you can control how you are notified for specific events.
    • You can control notifications for mentions, chat, replies, and likes, but not for posts.
  • In the team: Ellipsis, Manage, Settings, @mentions
    • The team owner can control who is allowed to use mentions
  • On the channel: Ellipsis, Channel notifications
    • Here you can turn on notifications for all posts.
    • You can also turn on or off notifications for channel mentions.
    • You can also set the level of notifications you receive for each individual channel.

Things that can disable notifications:

  • Can be disabled in the app - this is default for iOS devices
  • If you have the app running in two places, only the active app will get notifications
  • If a channel is hidden, you will not get notifications unless someone @mentions you or the channel
  • If you are in "do not disturb" mode, notifications will be off
  • If the Teams app is open to a channel, you will not get notifications of new posts
  • In Windows 10, Focus Assist settings can suppress notifications; set them all to "off" to test

If you want sound with a notification (not just the banner and feed update): Teams, Settings, Notifications, Notification Sounds -> Set to "All"

For Windows, "banner" will result in a toast pop-up in the bottom-right of the main screen. On Mac, it pops up in the upper-right.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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