Teams - Chat with External Members or add Guests to a Team


  • How do I chat with an external (non-OSU) person in Teams?
  • How do I add a guest to our team?


  • Oregon State University
  • Teams


There are two ways to collaborate with non-OSU people in Teams:

  • External access - allows you to chat (one-on-one or group chat) with a Teams user at another organization
  • Guest access - allows you to add a non-OSU person to a Team in Teams

Neither of these options are enabled for the OSU Teams instance at this time, but they may be in the future. We are currently investigating the implications of enabling these features.


Teams is primarily intended as a chat tool for internal OSU communications. All current students and employees, and many associates, are licensed for Teams.

We understand that there are many use cases where chat with external parties would be useful, such as:

  • Interns
  • Volunteers
  • Community members
  • Incoming students
  • Alums
  • Colleagues at other institutions
  • Etc.

In some cases, people who do not currently have access to the OSU Teams instance may be eligible to setup an ONID account through the Associates process, Sponsored Accounts process, or as Courtesy Faculty. This is particularly true if the individual needs to access multiple resources at OSU.

If you have a use case that requires chat with or team membership for external parties, please contact the Service Desk to let us know. While we do not have a solution for this in Teams at this time, we can let you know if and when it is available.


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