Microsoft Add-On License Purchase


  • How do purchase an Add-On license?
  • How do I use the license once assigned?
  • Do I need to purchase an Add-On license?


  • Oregon State University
  • Employee
  • Visio/Project
  • Desktop client - Windows Only
  • Online Version - Accessed via web browser, compatible with Windows, Mac, etc.


NOTE: These steps can be completed by the IT group or someone else in the department. Be sure to include who the license is for in the email to
These licenses are annual licenses and will need to be purchased annually. These licenses expire at the end of January and are prorated to the date of purchase.

  1. Log into BennyBuy at
  2. Under the "Electronics, IT, AV" section, click on CDW-G and click shop now in the popup window.
    NOTE: You do not need to make your own CDW-G account. This info is supplied via BennyBuy. Ignore the "You will need a CDWG account to log into the site. If you do not already have a CDW account, click HERE" line.
  3. Find the "OSU Microsoft Add-On licensing" label.
  4. Click on the desired program.
    NOTE: PowerBI Pro access is now included with the staff/faculty O365 license and does not need to be purchased separately. It can still be purchased for student employees if needed.

    If these links aren't working for you, you can use the search bar to find these products. Please reach out to if you have trouble finding the correct product link to purchase.
    Prices/SKU's will change per month as they are prorated for our annual Microsoft agreement at the end of January.
  5. Add the item to your cart. This should go to the cart, then click "Checkout".
  6. Click "Transfer Shopping Cart" to move the cart back to BennyBuy.
  7. Click "Proceed to Checkout" in the top right corner.
  8. Fill out the needed fields for billing and submit.
    NOTE: If you don't have the option to submit, you may not have the needed permissions within BennyBuy to place orders. In that case you can assign the cart to your supervisor or other department contact that can place the order for you.
  9. Once the purchase goes through, you should receive an email from CDW-G with the order number. This email should come from and contain your order number and PO.
  10. Forward this email to to get the license assigned.
  11. Instructions for accessing the purchased product will be sent by the Software Coordinator shortly after being added.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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