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  • What is different about the new UI in Box?
  • Why does Box look different?
  • Why have my menu items changed in Box?


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Box's new web UI helps you to effortlessly organize, access, and work with your most important content. 

Note: The new UI was released to OSU's Box on February 16, 2021.


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  1. What has changed with the new UI?
    1. A new Collection feature is available, allowing you to create and name groups with files and folders of your choice. 
    2. Recent Files will be available at the top of your All Files view. 
    3. When you select a folder row in Box, the Share button was previously located on the right side of the app in the folder detail pane. The Share button is now a primary action in the top action bar.
    4. The ability to add an item to Favorites moved out of the top left breadcrumb to the top right of the action bar. You can now add an item to Favorites or My Collections
    5. All action buttons in the action bar have been optimized for display based on top actions you take in Box.  Any action you no longer see is still accessible in the top action bar.  To see the full list of actions, click the ellipsis button "...". 
    6. The left menu is now in black.



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