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  • I have lost access to Data Warehouse. How do I restore my access?
  • How do I get access to Data Warehouse?


  • Oregon State University
  • BI Query (Data Warehouse) (DW)


Data Warehouse is a colloquial name at OSU for a legacy data query tool called BI Query. This tool is currently being phased out, but is still used for a limited set of data. In IT jargon a data warehouse usually refers to a set of data and the systems used to maintain it rather than the query tool used to access the data.

The most common ask around DW access is why someone has lost access. Reasons people lose access to BI Query (DW) include:

  • They have not logged into the system for a year, which causes them to be locked out.
  • Repeated resets of a person's password can also cause them to be locked out of the system.
  • Installing BI Query (DW) on a new computer can cause the person to be locked out of the system.


Restoring BI Query (DW) Access

Contact IS Banner Access ( if the person has lost access to BI Query (DW). IS Banner Access can walk the person through restoring their access to BI Query (DW).

Note: If you have lost access because you have not used BI Query in the last year you made need to update your connection to the server due to a migration to cloud database systems. Instructions on how to update your connection can be found at:

Requesting Access to BI Query (DW)

People can request access to BI Query and its associated data using the Request for Access form. This form should be submitted to IS Banner Access (

Note: BI Query is a legacy tool that is currently being phased out. A limited set of people are currently using this tool for data needs that have not been addressed with new tools yet. CORE is the primary data access tool for university wide data (eg How many students are enrolled at OSU?).

Data still supported in BI Query is:

  • HR Data
    • Only people in HR have access to this
  • Student Data
    • Some units on campus (primarily academic units) still have access to BI Query (DW) to pull student data


For assistance contact the IAR Data Reference Desk


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