Exchange Online - Remove a Delegate


  • I no longer want to receive calendar invitations for someone else.
  • How do I remove a delegate from my Exchange mail?


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A delegate is someone who has been granted access to another person's calendar or mail folders. Sometimes they are also set to receive copies of calendar invitations.

The account holder can set, modify and remove delegates in Outlook. Exchange administrators can also modify these settings, but the process involves either removing all delegates or accessing the mailbox, which requires written approval by the account holder. Generally the best way to remove a delegate is for the account holder to do so.


Outlook for Windows

  1. Go to File, Account Settings, Manage Delegates
  2. Select the delegate you wish to remove and click "Remove"
  3. Click OK

Outlook for Mac

  1. On the Tools menu, select Accounts
  2. Select the delegate you wish to remove
  3. Select the gear icon, select Set Permissions, and set to "None"


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