Citrix - Access Files on ONID Homespace


  • How do I access files stored on ONID through Citrix?


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  • Citrix Apps or Citrix Desktop
  • ONID


Applications in Citrix Apps save to the ONID filespace by default.


First connect to your ONID Home Space.

Now that the ONID home space is accessible, you can transfer files from your local computer to ONID and then access them through Citrix applications. This is done by saving, copying, or dragging the files to use into the ONID home space and navigating to that location within the Citrix application in use.

Note: Most files used in Citrix Apps will be stored under "Windows.Documents" (where the Windows Documents are saved) in "My Documents".

Here is an example of accessing "My Documents" from Citrix:


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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