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Pinned Article Citrix Apps Overview

This article describes what Citrix Apps is, how to access Citrix Apps, and gives links to various help documents related to Citrix Apps.

Citrix - Access Files on ONID Homespace

How to access files saved from Citrix Apps to ONID home directory.

Citrix - How to add and remove applications

How to add or remove apps in Citrix.

Citrix - Known Issue: Can't Access Project or Visio

Known Issue: MS Project is only available to College of Engineering students through

Citrix Apps - Installing Custom Packages in Stata

How to install custom packages in Stata on Citrix Apps -

Citrix WorkSpace

What is the difference between Citrix Workspace and Citrix Receiver?

Citrix Workspace - Troubleshooting Across All Platforms

I pulled the information for this from and added my own screenshots for the MacOS section.

Citrix Workspace Installation on Android

How to install Citrix Workspace on an Android device.

Citrix Workspace Installation on Chromebook

How to install Citrix Workspace on a Chromebook.

Citrix WorkSpace Installation on iOS

How to install Citrix Workspace on an iOS device.

Citrix WorkSpace Installation on Mac

How to install Citrix WorkSpace on a Mac.

Citrix Workspace Installation on Windows

How to install Citrix Workspace on Windows